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Where are the toilets?

At the Queen's Theatre there are toilets on the ground floor and off the first floor foyer. Wheelchair accessible toilets are available on the ground floor. These are only open during performances or for customers of the Gallery Café during the day.

At The Landmark, the toilets are at the end to the left after you enter the foyer. Wheelchair access to these is very easy. These are public toilets, and are open when the building is open.

Can I have my mobile phone switched on but set to silent or vibrate?

No. Both theatres are full of sensitive equipment for controlling stage effects and lighting, and for detecting smoke and fire. Mobile phones cause interference which can disrupt this equipment.

The radio-transmission systems for enabling hearing-impaired people can also be disrupted by mobile phones.

How can my baby-sitter, for example, get hold of me in an emergency?

Give your baby-sitter the following numbers:

The Queen's Theatre 01271 334676 or The Landmark 01271 869219 and tell them the seat numbers on your ticket. If they need to get hold of you in a genuine and real emergency they can tell our Theatre staff and we will get a message to you in the auditorium. If you think this might be necessary, you would be advised to arrange to have seats at the end of a row. PLEASE - these numbers are for REAL EMERGENCIES only.

How do I order interval drinks?

Give yourself a little extra time before the performance and place your order, and pay for the drinks, before the start of the show. Your drinks will be ready for you as soon as the interval starts. The bar staff who take your order will tell you where your drinks will be waiting.

What time should I be in my seat?

The time printed on your tickets is the time the performance will start NOT what time the doors to the auditorium will open. The doors will normally open 30 minutes before the start of the performance. We recommend that you are in your seats as early as possible.

What time will the performance finish?

We generally publish running times in our brochure or on our website as soon as we know them. We recommend you check here before contacting the theatres.

Will it be noisy?

Each show will vary as to how noisy it will be. Generally music shows and concerts will be the loudest but please ask when booking if this may generate a problem for you.





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