Getting Involved

Here are some guidelines for those wishing to get involved in the 2011 North Devon Festival.  If you have a query we haven't covered, please and we'll do our best to help.

Please be aware that all events and performances must fit the objectives and overall programming policies of the Festival - inclusion is not guaranteed.

I am staging an event in 2011 and would like to be part of the North Devon Festival - what do I need to consider?

Is your event in June?
Is the event special in some way?  All types of events are considered, but they must truly add value.
Are you aware you will need to pay a membership fee?  Fees are graduated depending on the size and nature of the event and start from £50 (+VAT) for a small community event.

If you wish to be considered, please send us some information on your proposed event and we will get back to you.

I am a performer - how do I get involved?

Firstly, think about the events that you're interested in - there are over 150 of them, ranging from open mic nights and small community performances to large-scale commercial events.

A number of events are programmed directly by the Festival (through North Devon Theatres) but the majority are organised and run by individual event organisers who make their own decisions about the artistic content of their event. The Past Festivals page will give you some idea of the range of events and help you identify which sort of events might suit you. We strongly urge you to contact individual events direct, although you can send us a bit of info about yourself here and we'll do our best to pass it on to the relevant Event Organiser who will then contact you if they're interested in booking you.

A word of warning though: please do your homework - forms returned to us stating 'any or all events' are less likely to be successful!

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee a response due to the volume of queries that we receive.

Do you allocate pitches for traders?

Unlike a number of other festivals, the North Devon Festival is not a single entity with a single site.  With over 150 individually organised events the rules vary massively, depending on size, location, permissions etc.  Currently there are no traders at any of the events organised directly by us, therefore, as with the guidance for performers above, we urge you to do your homework, check out the listings and make direct contact with the relevant Event Organiser.

I'm interested in volunteering for the Festival - how do I get involved?

Due to the breadth of activities within the Festival there are many diverse opportunities to 'get stuck in', including stewarding, marketing or litter picking after a big event!  It's likely you have an idea of the kind of volunteer work you're happy to do, so check out which events you're interested and get in touch with them.  Many of the larger events have volunteer info on their own websites in the run up to June.